Community Perspectives on One Health

Following on from the ‘community juries’ on antibiotic resistance, in 2017 we will be conducting several  more juries in cities and regional centres throughout Australia. Our aim is to engage members of the public in discussions about how we should seek to manage the health, socio-economic and ethical implications of ecological changes and the increasing risks posed by animal-borne infectious diseases.

A community jury is group of people (usually 12-15 individuals) brought together over a weekend to hear evidence about an issue from experts, ask them questions, discuss and deliberate as a group, and decide upon a set of recommendations. Community juries have been used around the world to engage members of the public in a structured dialogue with experts about how we should seek to resolve difficult or controversial issues.

Likely venues for the Community juries include Sydney, Albury-Wodonga, Darwin, Perth, Cairns and Alice Springs.  We anticipate starting to recruit jurors in March 2016.

For more information please leave a note in the comments window below.

Or contact us at: one [dot] health [at] sydney [dot] edu [dot] au

Images used on this site are sourced from Wiki commons. They are: “Dingoes feeding on a cattle carcass” by CSIRO, “Greyman cattle” by Cgoodwin, “Hens DSC00365” by David Monniaux, “Numurkah_flying_foxes.007” by Terra, “Wild_ducks_in_Ryckevelde” by Michiel Dumon, “Wind farm” by David Clarke [Public domain], “MRSA Brown” by NIAID/NIH, via Wikimedia Commons.

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