Our team

We are a team with different disciplinary backgrounds:

Dr Chris Degeling: Empirical Bioethics and Veterinary Medicine

Prof Lynn Gilbert: Infectious Disease Control and Prevention

Prof Andrew Wilson: Health Policy

A/Prof Ian Kerridge: Bioethics

Prof Michael Ward: Veterinary Public Health

Prof Cameron Stewart: Health Law

Dr Jane Johnson: Philosophy and Ethics

Images used on this site are sourced from Wiki commons. They are: “Dingoes feeding on a cattle carcass” by CSIRO, “Greyman cattle” by Cgoodwin, “Hens DSC00365” by David Monniaux, “Numurkah_flying_foxes.007” by Terra, “Wild_ducks_in_Ryckevelde” by Michiel Dumon, “Wind farm” by David Clarke [Public domain] “MRSA Brown” by NIAID/NIH, via Wikimedia Commons.